About Me

I'm Aubrey.

I'm an art major by day and a creative feeler by night. The fact that I am an enneagram 4 should give you some clues into my personality. 

I have two precious furrbabies; Leo on the left and Beanie on the right. They've been huge supporters of mine for 5 years now. Seeing the highs and lows, listening to long emotional rants over pizza with me. 

My intention for this site is to seek Gods truth, even in the midst of crazy uncomfortable circumstances. His truth is always readily available to us, but I'm guilty of having my head in the clouds a good portion of the time and tend to overlook His truths. So, with this blog, I will not only hold myself accountable for seeking truth ... but encourage whoever reads to seek Christ's truth as well. 

So, are you ready to seek and learn what is truth? Beanie and Leo are!

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